Music for today's white trash. Very popular among the stoners who are "tough" and will "hella kick your ass, fool". These shyte bags are usually harmless when alone, they tend to make up for their physical weakness by hanging out in large groups, then they talk shit to passers by. Rap/rock is shit no matter who does it, the two just don't mix...and all KMK is about is smoking large amounts of weed and drinking large amounts of alcohol...yep that's really worth something listening to and attempting to live by. Hell to top it off, I knew they were gay before I ever heard any of their music...with a name like Kottonmouth Kings, what the fuck else are you to expect?
"I listen to Kottonmouth Kings, and I destroy my body with massive amounts of alcohol and weed...that must make me "hard"...especially in these tuff suburbs." -Froader
by Suburban Badass October 01, 2007
Top Definition
Group of suburban white goes who can actually do hip-hop, rap and rock and make it sound half way decent.

Also go by shortened name KMK
Limp Bizkit tried to do Rap and Rock and they sold out and turned into a shitty ass band.

Kottonmouth Kings can Rock a crowd and flow like a mother fucker and is a pretty good band
by SpunCrazyB July 08, 2003
BEST fucking ..psycedelic, hip hop, punk rock.. group out there. KMK is all about breaking down borders, and everyone coming together and uniting with the plant (marijuana). but they arent only about pot & drugs, they are about freeing your mind, and soul, and teaching people to stand up for their rights and be true to yourself.
DGAF (dont give a fuck) SRH (supporting radical habits)(stoner reeking havoc) ANARCHY!! "we need some positive vibes for these rainy days"
Kottonmouth (Cottonmouth)Kings, standing for 6 stoned out sub noize rats who continue to rule the underground without help from big records companies.
Fuck MTV, and your Local Radio Station. Kottonmouth kings run the underground nation.
by G-Money Love December 02, 2003
Innovative hip-hop punk rock group from Southern cali. So fresh, original and independent that haters can't even comprehend the movement they have created. Founding and running their own label, Suburban Noize Records, was not easy, but they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the underground music scene. sponsored by and in partnership with SRH productions, shit talkers will find that the Kings DGAF what they think, so move on.... you're just jealous.
Kottonmouth Kings is a lifestyle movement.
by KMKween_4_life March 15, 2005
best psychadilic hip hop punk rock group out there <3 d-loc
kottonmouth kings just let they nuts hang
by lil kween kelly October 12, 2003
underground rock/rap group from south cali. consists of tax man, pakelaki, lou dog, bobby b, d-loc, richter and daddy x. The ultimate ganja gurus of the century. Bustin rhymes dat would make yo head spin.
Respect your fellow man the earth and the trees…grow your own and be who you want to be…life is short so most of all be free, free to dream and free to be "…

"Ride until your dying daze…seek truth, observe nature, break the mold and don't sleep on us!"
Peace not greed, -Daddy X
by omi da homie December 02, 2004
KMK is the best group out there. they are a bunch of stoners who makes phat shit. Kmk is CARRIED by Johnny Ritcher and D-loc.
Fucking rad.

by Ritcher October 18, 2003
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