adding bunch of meaningfull words that does not imply a logical meaning
you sometimes say too much kossher
by kaveh October 30, 2003
Top Definition
Pooya: I always say kossher
by Smooth January 29, 2003
Persian/Farsi word meaning bullshit.
That's a bunch of kossher.
by Nader May 25, 2005
the word that dont have meanning
dont say kossher please
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
1.a sentence that its purpose is to make people laugh(see ex 1)
2.something that is not true(see ex 2)
3.a sentence that is used to make fun of somebody(see ex 3)
1.Sina is really funny, he says kossher 24/7 non-stop.
2.Sina says he's a college student, but he's saying kossher.
3.Sina is so rude, he keeps saying kossher when somebody is talking.
by Sina August 27, 2004
It means bullshit but it's much more intense. So before using it, make sure you know your audiences tolerance. The intensity is same as the word f..k.
Kossher nagoo meaning don't bullshit me
by AghaMaziar February 14, 2008
kossher means "stupidity", "sillines"
All u r saying is "Kossher"
by Koskhol Oghli September 25, 2003

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