1) Blessed jewish food
2) Free from incriminating details
"Always ask for the kosher meal on flights, the staff don't ever spit in those"

"Let's keep this kosher. No references to your depraved sex life"
by Gumba Gumba August 04, 2004
Top Definition
When every thing is chill
Don't worry, everything's kosher.
by Jess March 07, 2005
Derived from the Hebrew word "kasher," which means "proper" or "pure.".

Although it is most commonly used in describing the dietary law of the old testiment or torah, it can be used fully interchangeably with "proper" or "pure" or even "lawful".

A high volume of youth have started using it as a slang for "cool" or "chill".
This meat is kosher.

Would you believe that "in her eyes", this is perfectly kosher?
#proper #pure #lawful #cool #chill
by abgo July 26, 2009
1) See "tight"
2) To be worthy of acceptance
3) good
1) That party was kosher
2) That new guy is pretty kosher
3) It's all kosher
by adizzle March 09, 2004
The Ashkenazic Jewish (Yiddish) counterpart to the Sefardic Jewish (Ladino) "kasher", both derived from "kashrut". The antonym is "treif"; literally "torn", broadly "unclean" or "inedible".
Actual conversation on YouTube video "Re Seth Porges and Chipoltes (Not For Those Sensitive To Profanity)", in reference to Chipoltle's trief incident with pinto beans:

Kosher is a pain to keep up with

roark100 24 minutes ago

@roark100 So are hospital bills for Chron's, Cholitis, etc.. Meanwhile, I indulge ocassionally (i.e., the infamous Farrell-DeBoy crap soup, guaranteed to scratch your intestines out if you eat too much; and that's why I have only one bowl at the family reunions). But actually, kosher is relatively easy-- simple rule of thumb: if you wouldn't eat it, it's probably not kosher. "If you wouldn't eat it" includes dogs, cats, shellfish (Look up what they filter.), horses, Spam, bats, & other non food.

Nickidewbear 3 minutes ago
#kashrut #kasher #ou #orthodox union #lo treif
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
when you eat your own arms
A: why doesn't he have arms?
B: He ate them he's kosher
#arms #limbs #food #eating #fingers
by Rob O' Bob O' Connor-Johnson April 01, 2015
Weed, best drugs around
just got some kosher, come over.
#drugs #weed #smoke #best #drug
by Sss-dawg February 01, 2015
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