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it litrelly means ur moms pussy, but the translation is mother fuker
kos ommak u bastard
by abo se3da April 26, 2003
the literal translation is: ur mum's punany!!!! but it means u want to have a wild ride with the mum in question.
its then one of the shortest way to start a nice discussion with an arab guy , discussion that will probably ended with a direct fist in the midle of ur face as the transcription of all the love involved between u and the persone ur talkin to . of course as all insults u can combine it in may ways
kos ommak ya ebn el sharmouta .
koss om abouk el a7beh el men7ata ....
and so on .
by shoubsman barbour effendi June 02, 2005
the translation is write but it is different than mother fucker, it means fuck your mother, this is the way we swear at each other
kos ommak ya garen
by gasi November 24, 2003
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