The band who pioneered the genre known as nu-metal. Like other musical pioneeres, such as Sex Pistols or Nirvana, they started out as a small garage band until their original, unique sound was discovered. Hated by poptarts and thrashers alike (Too heavy for poptarts, too prog for thrashers), they have nonetheless become quite popular. Most nu-metal bands are trying to emulate their sound, for example, Slipknot, and some were even originally signed by Korn, for example, Limp Bizkit.

Korn have a unique guitar sound caused by almost alarmingly loose strings. They fuse elements of grunge, punk, heavy metal, speed metal, folk music and hip-hop into their numbers. The band had 5 founding members:
Jonathan Davis - The frontman, singer and bagpiper. An American Scot whose heritage has led to use of bagpipes in the music and wearing of a kilt.
Fieldy - An unfortunately poor bass player.
Munky - A quite impressive lead guitarist.
Head - The rhythm guitarist. He has now, to the dismay of fans, left the band to use his music to propagate Christianity. (If you ask me, Christianity is doing just fine, but to each his own.)
David Silveria - The drummer, and a very talented one at that. When he auditioned to Head, Munky and Fieldy, he was mocked because he was so young; his skill impressed them to the extent that he was immediately accepted.

Korn have sold out more than once, and the result has been some godawful albums. They have, in the past, realised the error in their ways and returned to their roots.
Korn fan: It's a pity Head left Korn, isn't it?
Thrasher/Poptart: No. They suck.


I am avoiding the argument about Korn's musical quality.
by Switch March 13, 2005
Korn is the name of a band, but "korn" also refers to when two homosexual men have anal sex without a condom (a.k.a barebacking). Once one man ejaculates inside the other man's arse, he eats out his own cum... only to end up with a nasty piece of "korn" (cum-soaked turd) as well!
Tony couldn't resist; he put his eager mouth to Marc's puckered hole. Eagerly and noisily, he sucked out his own cum, and in his haste, swallowed a piece of Marc's sloppy, bitter korn...
by Courtney April 06, 2005
Pioneers of the "Nu-Metal" genre (ex. Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Mudvayne). Normally shunned by most older metalheads because of their different sound.

In my opinion a band who should have quit at it early. Self-titled was a listenable CD but didn't have anything special about it. The band consists of mediocre "musicians." Not as hardcore of a band as some live them up to be. Sepultura, Slayer, Marduk, Deicide, and Burzum are all much more brutal metal bands.
Random Jackass: Hey Korn is awesome!
Me: I thought they we're okay when they started out but now I find them quite annoying and repetitive.
Random Jackass: Yeah, whatever I bet you've never even listened to them.
by A Hippy December 29, 2003
a group Hailing from Bakersfield in Cali. Wrote the Blue-Prints for Grebosim by creating a crappy form of Heavy Metal Known as Nu-Metal
Korn are Sellouts
by Brother Number One November 07, 2003
Music for the simple-minded,teen-angst ridden teenagers who have no clue what metal is,let alone musicianship.They think that tuning you guitar so it sounds like distorted rubberbands makes it ''heavier''... and playing slow power chords with no solos....(holding an open note for 5 minutes is NOT a solo)Yes,these morons think they guitar solos are ''boring'',yet they only say that because they CAN'T solo.These kids don't even know basic metal for God's sake...Mention Chuck Billy or Chuck Shuldiner and they will just get a confused look on their face.
''DOoD LIke thAt KoRN Cd iZ SOoooOO HeAVy mAN!!THe wAy DeY plA DOs GeETaRZ IS sooOO kEwl!!''
by NUMETALRAWKSDOOD August 19, 2003
Absolute shit.

A talentless, worthless band that doesn't know when to quit, and does not deserve the success and popularity that they obtained.

They also decide to rape some of the best songs ever written, including "One" by Metallica and "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2" by Pink Floyd.
"KoRn fucking suck."

"d00d KoRn is aw3sum!"

"No, I'm sticking with the whole 'KoRn fucking suck' thing."
by DaddyTwoFoot October 01, 2005
it is a band that has been classified as nu meatal because it is to crappy to fall into a catagory already in existance. its lyrics are birthed from deep rooted physical and sexual abuse as a child. he needs to let go of some things and move on with life. i was abused as a child. he really needs to grow up. it isnt music either. its a buch of distortion and there isnt much melody or harmony or anything that classifies music as being music. they obviously learnt two reed an rite buy hookt on fonics. (korn) his daddy must have beat him for not eating his C-o-r-n
ring around the rosey.. ashes ashes we all fall down. he is obviously refelecting back on a broken child hood and instead of growing and maturing into a mentaly healthy adult he wallows in his own mire and refuses to move on with life.
by who dat November 07, 2004
Crap, a band with no talent that starts all heavy but then the lead singer starts doing a bad version of opera and they sound gay.
"I like Korn" "Korn is crap, you suck"
by Mr. Blue January 18, 2005

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