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is of German origin. A Korf male is typically a blond haired, blue eyed person usually about 6 feet tall and of slender build. Korf's usually reside in blue homes somewhere in the countryside. They really enjoy breeding cats and tomatoes in their spare time. Motorcycles also appear to be their hobby. If you ever cross paths with a Korf be aware of their uncanny ability to charm the socks off of you.
A motorcycle just flew by, must be a Korf.

Gee, I want to take a nice trip to Germany, to see a Korf.

Is that a cat village I see? Nope, just the Korf's vicinity.
by mexi1mexi2 January 01, 2010
a very runny and chunky diahrea that drips down the legs of the person taking it.
Your Freind: Boo!!!
You: Oh shit you scared me, I justed korfed my pants.
by KingKrispy March 04, 2009

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