BOB: i just had really bad ice cream

JIM: koolios
#cool #coolios #nifty #swell #divine
by vampressa123 November 03, 2010
Top Definition
the new "hippest" way to say cool(*lol), expecially when instant messaging!
IM Conversation:
monkeezrok: I got a new Guitar!!!
tammlala: Koolio!!!
by Alyssa March 06, 2004
A cool & silly dude.
Jack: i wish i didnt do my own stunts (in that moment Jack was caught in flames)

Jack: So thats what I did for my weekend.

James: Koolio man haha
#koolio #flames #james #stunts #dude
by JabbaLicks June 15, 2009
another way of saying 'cool' or 'kool'. an exclamation that somthing is quite good, or that you have approved it.
'im going to town to but a new pair of converse'
by pepperoni September 05, 2003
A word greater than cool, so much so that it has been known that only the greatest, funny, surprisingly attractive and wise people use it
Girl: gotta go, cyaa
Boy: Oh Okay, cya!
Girl leaves
Boy: Wow, she's so Koolio!
#koolio #cool #amazio #compulsive boobular urges #dave
by DJHarrington May 14, 2014
Being considered cool is good.
being considered Kool is better
When you have reached the peak of koolness you are considered a "Kool-io"
Jimmy Nutron was the Kool-io of the town.
by RuralD May 11, 2016
It means Cool or awesome, but spelled better!! its also really fun to say!!! ^_^
Person: OMG i got these cute new shoes!
You: Koolio!!
#awesome #cool #super #sweet #great
by Ya-dun-need-2-kno February 13, 2009
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