A verb meaning the act or process of entering a room by throwing yourself through a door with force similar to the force used by the Kool Aid Man in Kool-Aid commercials. The Kool Aid Man typically busted through doors or walls and said "Ohh yeah", but when Kool-Aid-Manning in through a door you've the option of also saying "What the fuck are you kids drinking?"
Mystery Person #1: Dude, Nathan was in bed and his door was closed, so I kool-aid-manned it through and now his door is torn up. He's pretty pissed.
Mystery Person #2: Yeah, he's got $3,000. He can fix it.
by KoolAidMan December 12, 2006
giant thing of kool aid.often bust through the wall when peter griffin is in court
peter:oh no!meg:oh no!brian:oh no!chris:oh no!kool aid man:oh yeah! judge:will everyone stop saying oh no in the courtroom 'cause the kool ad man will keep showing up!
by futuramafan February 08, 2008
Someone who participates in wall breaking action by jumping through them and then saying "Oh Yeah".
Bobbert: Dude! Why is there a giant hole in your wall?

Bobberto: The Koolaid Man came again.
by losersquaredthatsme June 26, 2010
When you bust a nut into a chick and then scream, "OH YEAH!" into her face.
I Koolaid Man-ned this girl like, "8===> ({|}) OH YEAH!!"
by Precision Fools May 30, 2012
When your eating out a girl and she has her period. You get the blood all over your face.
"Did you hear Jeremy is Kool-Aid Man"
"No way, that shit nasty!"
by SWAGTAST1C September 12, 2011
when a girl is on her rag and you go down on her
my girl turned me into the kool aid man last night
by fix it August 01, 2006
Derived from the hood. Usually meant to describe larger heavy set people dressed in a red shirt.
Yo my boy had this outfit on, money looked like the Kool-Aid man.
by Izzlemaster January 11, 2005
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