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Kool-Aid Man, Or more commonly Rick Ross in a red jumpsuit.
"Yo Rick Ross wid da red jumper again! HEEY Kool-Aid man!"
by Nigga4508004 January 01, 2008
30 54
a glass of juice who thinks it is ok to just bust into people's homes while they are minding their own business
the bitch just busted through my wall and yelled oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by stan February 16, 2005
1108 267
A big talking bowl of punch who thinks that its cool to crash through your wall into your living room, saying "OH YEAH!". Oh and he wears tights.
Fuck drinking out of him, if that was me i'd be like no no no,you fix that wall before my dad gets home from work. He's gonna beat me with a belt, he's not gonna believe a talking bowl of fruit punch came in here you stupid idiot. Yeah, coming through the wall is real fuckin cool. Using the FRONT DOOR is cool don't touch me you drink. Don't touch me you giant beverage. You are sweating or condensating, I will kick you in the tights and you will do down, you're very top-heavy. You glass bitch.
-Dane Cook
by Tom "Superman" Welling April 23, 2005
652 244
A crazy giant beverage who breaks through walls in order to save humans from the minor inconvenience of thirst. Has the inability to use normal methods of entry, such as the door or gate. Has caused over 900 trillion dollars worth of property damage in his lifetime.
"oh yeah"(distant)
me: wtf was that? did you hear that?
me: dude! my fucking roof!!
by OH YEAH September 21, 2003
319 30
A jug of Kool-Aid drink who thinks he is cool, and randomly busts into peoples houses/workplaces greeting them with a friendly "Oh Yeah!"
Judge: Peter Griffen, I'm sentencing you to 24 months in prison.
Lois: Oh no!
Brian: Oh no!
Chris: Oh no!
Meg: Oh no!
Kool-Aid Man: Oh yeah!
by Brad Hallett May 15, 2005
326 119
A horrible man who busts into homes and attacks small children, yet is never punished. Known by the phrase "Oh yeah!"
Kool Aid Man: Oh yeah!
by germancar April 05, 2005
263 131
A walking,talking glass of juice.
Kids:We want Kool-aid!
Kool-aid man:OH YEAH!
by TheWiggidy April 21, 2004
213 115
The biggest bitch ever
Ryan: That kool-aid man is a bitch

Nick: Yeah I know he broke my wall yesterday and I wasn't fuckin thirsty

Ryan: lol u suck
by BBBalla10 May 08, 2007
136 98