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A child ranging from ages 5 through 10 with a Kool-aid mustache usually red from the cherry flavor, they pass time by digging in the dirt with forks, spoons, and the occasional knife, extremely unsupervised by parentals.
That fucking kid down the street stole my kids bike that dirt digging Kool-aid face!
by Ethan Henderson August 09, 2006
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A red ring of bloody menses on a lover's face, after oral sex with a menstruating woman in the dark. Usually the result of not having the lights on, although some actually enjoy it.
Wake up... that was so *good*... Oh my God, you've got Kool-Aid face! My period must have started last night!

What? You mean I've earned my Red Wings?
by Prometheus61 October 14, 2011
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The look of total satisfaction after having sex. (you know like the kool aid guy who has a big smile on his face)
My girlfriend showed up late to the bar with a kool aid face and right away we knew that she had sex, which made her late, before getting to the bar.
by Thanks Victor August 22, 2007
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