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A meeting or festival of kooks
Online forums are often just bizarre anonymous kookfests
by mirkin July 10, 2003
When you show up, usually on the weekend, to a local surf spot that has amazingly been transformed to a sad version of circue du sole, that is if circue du sole had gone bankrupt and was forced to fill its ranks with drunk, uncoordinated transients, and those transients were actually people who like to show up with ten foot boards and stay right in front of where the lineup is, hoping to catch the scraps of waves that pass by the unfortunates who are actually trying to surf waves, not a slalomn course of weekend warrior drunk acrobat wannabees. Well, that said, we all have to start somewhere...
Look at this kookfest! There are at least a hundred people out there and none of them are out past the break!

Lets jam- this is a major kookfest.
by Jaded? December 17, 2007
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