a kook is a poser who turns up in the beach car park wearing a top of the range wetsuit and carrying a spanking new surfboard, checks the surf for an hour before actually going in, when it is so obviously pumping, then when he enters the water proceeds to splash around like a drowning rabbit. tip stay at home
check out the kook in the pink wetsuit
by snuffles October 16, 2004
gay people who wont go surfing with you
anthony gackstetter is a kook


by jon garcia December 13, 2007
to be like Dean. That is to be an extreme poser and generally suck
That Dean is such a kook, i cant beleive he let Jack ride him down the quarter-pipe
by Lawson May 03, 2004
Someone who knows alot about a little talked about subject in order to feel superior to others.

K Keepers
O of
O odd
K Knowledge
Many Barry went on and on about that 9/11 conspiracy theory. He's quite a kook.
by Randall December 18, 2004
A dumb-ass mug who be all up in a nigga's chips 'n' shit.
"Beat it, kook." God, that Yeltsin needs a beltsin... Tell that kook to beat.
by FisselDonk July 24, 2003
pronounced kOOOOOOk

(1)any individual who works as a "bitch" on a boat
(2)any person who regularly pays for sexual intercourse
(3)any person who belongs in the small percentage of americans actually addicted to marijuana
(4)an individual who takes any nickname that just sounds incredibly homo
person may be incredibly greasy and may never shut up; loves to blow all their money on prostitutes and weed; nicknames may include d-mo, chubby-chaser, tweek, fucktard, etc. this person hasnt taken a shower or changed their underwear in over a month. BEWARE these people aka KOOKS are not people to surround yourself with.
by sandmangsandthemandmoisabitch March 22, 2009
Keeping Our Own Kids Safe
Soccer moms need to stop being trying to be KOOKS and let children live thier lives and learn from thier own mistakes.
by Charles Hall III February 15, 2008
One type of Mike character, ofthen referred to as "kooky" or "batty"
Kook is such a crazy KOOKBAT!!
by Anonymous October 18, 2003

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