a kook is a poser who turns up in the beach car park wearing a top of the range wetsuit and carrying a spanking new surfboard, checks the surf for an hour before actually going in, when it is so obviously pumping, then when he enters the water proceeds to splash around like a drowning rabbit. tip stay at home
check out the kook in the pink wetsuit
by snuffles October 16, 2004
Surfer with little skill.
Can be applied to anyone crap at something.
That guy surfs like a kook.
by Kwotch October 18, 2007
Anyone with an I.Q. above 100 who refuses to mentally lobotomize themself and accept the status quo and the rules set down by an imaginary authority.
"Oh, there goes Dan, saying we shouldn't cut out our citizens' livers and throw them in the fire. He's a kook." -What ancient Mayans may have considered to be a kook.
by Ralph February 14, 2005
A learner/bad surfer who doesn't know what they're doing and ends up stuck in the whitewater getting in peoples way. Should be made to wear an 'L' plate.
'Get out of the way kook!'
'What the fuck is that kook doing on his knees'
by ThePurpleSmurf October 18, 2006
a poser who wears all the latest clothes for skating or surfing. and they could be assholes sometimes. they r really gay and they dont know shit about skating or surfing.but they can be really hot sometimes.
Kelly: ohhhh whos that guy??? does he skate???

Matt: thats just a kook and he cant skate for shit.
by Ryan Woods January 20, 2008
a rollerblader/ fruitbooter
You see that kook rollin around on his "blades."
by fuckrollerbladers September 07, 2004
a person who thinks they can surf/ bodyboard, but in actual fact, cannot and are really really shit at it.
that small child on the beach over there is the biggest kook.
by timanopoly March 16, 2008
1. n - the opposite of a bro.
Those kooks better stay away from our chicks.
by pedro calhoun February 24, 2004
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