a kook is a poser who turns up in the beach car park wearing a top of the range wetsuit and carrying a spanking new surfboard, checks the surf for an hour before actually going in, when it is so obviously pumping, then when he enters the water proceeds to splash around like a drowning rabbit. tip stay at home
check out the kook in the pink wetsuit
by snuffles October 16, 2004
somebody who cant surf or do an activity or sport worth a darn. somebodywho doent know what they are doing or thinks they are good at something, but in reality they suck at it!
that guy is such a kook
by kbolgeez February 02, 2010
a shoobee, bennie, non-local.. not wanted by locals
kill that fucking kook!
by volcom234 May 29, 2006
An individual that does not know what is going on.
What a kook.
by bryan shaft March 06, 2009
"A wannabe surfer" A very annoying person that tends to get picked on behind his/her back by the real surfers.Contrary to popular belief,being a kook is not easy by those people who need to find a hobby/sport so they can be cool because of the fact that,unlike skateboarding, does not need to be proven.Bad news,brah,once summer comes and your geeky friends/REAL surfers want to see your 'moves' you're officially screwed =)LETS SEE YAH RIDE THAT 'GNARLY' WAVE NOW,BEE-ATCH! xD
Wow,look at that kook go! you know thats sunless tanner he used
by pyro_siris January 12, 2005
Nate, strange, wierdo,poser
Chuck is a kook
Nate's a kook
Nate/Chuck is the defenition of kook
by Chucks Pimp December 05, 2006
crazy person, unstable or insane.
Proponents of the idea that radiation is actually good for you are generally considered kooks.
by kerensa December 02, 2008
Somebody that is always wearing ridiculously silly pants
Gosh, Amanda Dee is the biggest kook ever, word dat gangsta!
by Danethegreat December 06, 2007
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