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(1) a high grade example of retro good taste, and as such, an instant classic; (2) reminiscent of Tahitian or Hawaiian-style feasts and celebrations, with Tiki torches and other pseudo-"native" artifacts present; conveying the exotic and mysterious quality of island dwelling cultures; (3) splendidly nerdy and unapologetically reflective of a backyard luau in a sentimental way.
"That Hawaiian shirt that he wore to the frat party was completely kona, man."

"That bobble head doll on your dash is so kona! Where can I get one?"
by Plains Mermaid January 04, 2009
best damn bikes in the world. bitch
I ride a fucking sweet ass kona blast.
by C.Murder August 15, 2003
hahahaha, to the dumb fuck that said that kona is an island, kona is a town on the WEST SIDE of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is the dopest place to be. Parts of it are pretty rough, like La'ilani and Queen Liliuokalani neighborhoods.
-like go kona town brah?

A bicycle design and manufacturing company from Vancouver. Named after the Hawaiian island of Kona. They are responsible for some of the best-riding mountain bikes ever made.
My Kona Cinder Cone is a singlespeed real-steel-deal.
by jawj April 11, 2004
responsible for the sweetest bikes eva
my kona shred kicks ass
by david gathard March 06, 2005
A really expensive, really damned tasty coffee grown in Kona, Hawaii. Price as of March 2008 is $60/pound ($130/kilogram).
I'd drink Kona coffee all the time if I could afford it.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
The best bikes ever made
Kona Chute, Kona Stab
by mike & reidy January 29, 2004
The act of being doped up for an extreme amount of time.
"Dude, this shit is so dank, I'm gonna be kona for days"
by cameazy August 30, 2011