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Greek word for "arse"
Tha sou gamisw ton kolo
by ALX September 20, 2003
Describes something when another word can not be found. Can mean awesome, absolutely horrible or anything inbetween.
Dude, you're such a kolo.
That was sooo kolo!
Yo, don't be a kolo.
by TC3 April 16, 2010
1. to go crazy; losing ur marbles
2. to kick, hit, or pass a ball in between someones legs (generally in soccer)
1. Chay! See this stupid boy! U wan stash baby for boot oh? U don kolo, the popsie will brush your life.

2. My guy gave him like 5 kolos. His confidence don go sha!
by Dr.Dru August 10, 2008
National dance in Serbia. The number of dancers is unlimited. Everyone holds hands with the person from the left and the right side and forms most commonly a circle. The whole formation moves in same direction, i.e 2 steps left, then all 2 steps right.
On Guca festival, we dance kolo with some 30 other people from the crowd. It was fun and sweaty.
by coek January 14, 2012
in Poland the short way of "kolokwium" (short exam you're taking during regular activity classes)
Co?! Dzisiaj jest kolo? (What?! Todat is kolo?)
by jasna_cholera June 12, 2010
Nigerian term used to describe craziness. Originally used by the famous Nigerian artist D'banj in his song kolomental. It has been suggested that the word is just another word for LOCO.
That man no de hear word; it be like say he don kolo. (pidjin) - Nigerian slang
Translation - That man doesn't listen; it's like he's gone kolo.
by TWNS September 14, 2008
A male who is awesome at everything especially at making sex also he has a rather large intelligent. Furthermore the penis size of the average kolo is biggest.
Wow! You are so amazing at making sex, you are a total kolo!
by March 23, 2013

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