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Japanese; Heart, not as the body part, but as a feeling.
Kokoro kara arigotou (Thank you from my heart.)
by Rika July 20, 2004
A word that means heart in japanese. Usually used by weeabos to seem like they know japanese and seem cool to their friends, People who use this word are usually otakus or people who are just bored
Dude, that anime broke my kokoro
by X japan December 14, 2014
bike that is never ridden due to a squid owner
That squid Reyes is back with his sportbike.
Oh christ, look at that horrific kokoro.
by MikeSTB June 15, 2010
A Nigerian slang word used to describe the vagina.
1. "Her kokoro was swollen like a Japanese puffer fish."
2. "I could smell her kokoro from the other side of the room."
3. "I'd love to bury my papari in her kokoro ."
by Cookeylicious September 23, 2010
Long for ko, meaning obvious, also known as supernintendo ko
Kokoro, I love you.
by Rob November 20, 2003
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