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The greatest word ever. Related to the ancient word "Koamp" which means "All-Powerful", this modern-day word is used to describe a person of the male gender who freaking owns at everything, including cooking.

Koampapapa can also be used as a verb if you know when and how to use it. In fact, Koampapapa can be used as any part of speech, at any time. If you get bored, shout Koampapapa in a high pitched voice, and you will no longer be bored. This is the great mystery of the word Koampapapa, go ahead, try it.
Dude, I totally koampapapa'd her last night!

Man, I wish I was as koampapapa as you!

Call me Koampapapa.

February 26th is Koampapapa Day. Let's go Koampapapaing then!
by UROW February 07, 2007
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