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Someone that will have an answer for everything, regardless if they know or not....Someone that will speak about people (to whom shes never met) in a social setting, trying to get in or fit in....Someone who will exaggerate a story told as if she's got some good gossip to spread. Someone who actually believes she's the DoGooder.....and SHE IS RIGHT AND THE WORLD IS WRONG.....They tend to be loudmouthed constantly trying to prove a point or always having to defend themselves...
"So did you see Jeff just walk in and did you see who he is with?? Yeah, that's the SLUT who broke up Tom & Mary, I see them up here all the time, had sum drinks with them before....Girl at table says WOW, arnt you the "know it all attention whore".......BUT I'm Mary and that slut is my sister..and you should really shut your dick sucker unless you know what your talking about..
by featherwoodred June 07, 2014