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(v.) To be undergoing spiritual enlightenment before ones death.
Mama put my gun to the ground, I can't shoot them anymore...
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 08, 2004
(v). When, whilst having sexual intercourse with a women or performing the act of cunnilingus, one manually inserts one or multiple fingers into the anus, some going so far as to probe deep within the rectum, to engage in “anal play” in hopes of discovering whether the female currently being explored would be interested in later engaging in anal intercourse.
Jim, "I saw that fly honey your took home last night. What a booty! You throw your salami into the dark depths of her chocolate factory?"

Mosephus, "Shit, white-nigger, she never gave me the chance. I threw two fingers up there but it turns out that I was just knockin' on heaven's door."
by Das Juden December 04, 2006
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