Someone who is gay, a mincer, up hill gardener, faggit, you get the picture.
Paul say "HERE! jimmy look that faggit over there."
Jimmy say " aye what a Knob Jocky.
by stinkajazz April 27, 2004
Top Definition
Idiot; someone who rides a penis like a it is a horse
Leave that bouncer alone you knob jocky
by Jim Doyle November 03, 2003
Knob referring to the male anatomy (the penis)
Jocky refering to a racing horse rider.
Knob Jocky would often refer to a person who is said to "ride" a Knob. It is often used to put someone down but in a more jovial way. More widely used in Australia, particularly Adelaide, Australia.
G'Day Mate, your a Knob Jocky!
John you talk so much shit, your such a Knob Jocky!
by Craigmore Elizabeth April 30, 2008
alexandender waterlander
some one who likes knobs
by zakman August 29, 2003
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