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A tool carried by people from "the hood" for performing various daily tasks.
"shit man dems i cant eat ids big lump o cheese"
"no worries blud"
"i iz carrying a knife"
by man dems November 05, 2007
When you don't know how to make knife plural
Man, those are some sharp knifes.
(Stabbing of Jugular)
by JDizzly February 04, 2010
The twin brother of Vash in the series Trigun. Knives is the complete opposite of Vash; Knives is insane and absolutely evil, and hell-bent on obliterating (the remains of) humanity. He also takes pleasure in toying with Vash, as well as Vash's emotions and love for humanity.
"Don't you ever compare me with humans!!"
-young Knives
by Dave June 23, 2004
A psycho bitch ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who stalks you
Dude my ex is being such a knives
by 7Xs December 13, 2010
A person who is sharp, yet shitty at pronouncing words.
The pronunciation of knife using a k sound.
(Pronounced K then nife)
Person 1: Do you want a knife or fork.
Person 2: I will have a k-nife
Person 1: ...What?
by Tron-star March 31, 2009
to engage in intercourse
yo dude, i heard grandpa billy sabe gets knifed every night.
by bittyadwon December 11, 2008
An Adjective for something that hurts.
(You fall and mess up your knee, and you say)

You: "Man, my knee is so knives right now!"
by John C. Rivers November 05, 2009
What you don't bring to a chocolate fight.
A knife is something that shouldn't be brought to a chocolate fight.
by Hoochiecoochieman April 17, 2010