Joint, joining the thigh to the leg.

To use the mentioned joint to the manhood of someone who is trying to make a hit on you
Noel was in intense pain, NO, he was beyond pain when I jammed my knee in his groin area
by Saints September 22, 2003
Adjective. Derived from the word "Nasty" said like, "Neeeeaaassty". Eventually shortened to just "Knee", as in "getting the knee"

1. Anything offensive, unpleasant or dissagreeable.

2. Ugly, gross or foul
1. "Guy, that movie was so knee"

2. Q: "Hey John, how was your blind date last night?"
A: "It sucked, her face was knee!"

3. "Summer school gets the knee" (not used in this way nearly as much)
by Bobby Wham September 06, 2006
A common term used in place of a "high five" or some "knuckles" per say.
Gimme some knee?
(the other person commences the giving of some knee)
by shshanainia August 01, 2011
A very sexual part of your body. It makes you feel very special when your partner touches you there.
"I went out with Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Luke last night."
"You did? You all touch knees together?"
"Yes, we had kneesome."
by Dixie Ixie January 02, 2015
Knees is a term for someone who is lower than a cunt. Basically the an extreme insult for someone whose actions and/or words deserve a harsher derogatory term (i.e someone who is worse than a cunt)
Jeff: Not only did Ron make fun of Hanks dead mother, but he killed Hanks dog and raped his sister!
Carl: What a cunt!
Jeff: No. He's lower than a cunt. He's knees.
by Jerry Stand Up June 15, 2009
A rarely used slang term for breasts.
Those are some really nice /knees/.
by Roberty October 24, 2007
A "nicer" word to use in place of the word, "cunt". It is considered one step below the term, "cunt".
Bob: I called my boss a knee yesterday.
Joe: A knee?
Bob: Yeah, cuz it's a foot lower than a cunt.
by All Out Dime May 21, 2008

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