Where a girl is only hot enough to give you head. nothing more.
Lewis: Ahhhh mate, check that bird out at the bar
Sammy: Shes pretty Knees mate
Groom: Yup, Knees
Paul: Knees, Knees
Dave: What? Nahh, she'll turn me down
by Paul Halliday January 20, 2008
Top Definition
the shorter way of saying on your knees (telling someone to get down on their knees and suck your dick)
said like this: knees bitch! now!
by Dirty Ed April 07, 2005
The absolute worst place to be hit with an arrow.
I used to be an adventurer like you. Then, I took an arrow in the knee.
by aqpw December 21, 2011
It's when you're dancing with a girl, you take your knee and rub it against her crotch/vagina.
That girl couldn't dance, so I gave her the knee.
by Jan+JR July 20, 2009
A device attached to the human body, designed for finding furniture in the dark.
*stumbling around the dark*

beep beep beep

by GrazerMagic April 19, 2011
body part between both legs. no its not pussy asshole!
Teacher: what do you call the thing between both your legs.
Jhonny : d*ck
teacher: good!

Teacher: what do you call the thing between both your legs.
jack : knees
teacher: thats an old one kid!
by gr33day April 09, 2008
1) The joint in the middle region of ones leg
2) To bring said joint in an upwards motion, to apply pain to drunken or otherwise persons face, or sternum area
"Yo going down mutha fucker"
"I have busted my knee"
by Slap Chappie February 20, 2003
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