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a man who weighs around 13 stone and throws himself around thinking he's one of the lads - when he's actually just a scared little boy.
look at that guy fingered a girl dressed like a traffic light on the balcony of the club! i bet he'll be bragging about this for weeks. he's such a knard.
by the truth speaker of truths November 28, 2013
goofball, silly person
My nephew is such a k'nard.
by maryapple48708 August 14, 2012
a word that can mean any cool thing in the English language. Its can be used as both an adjective, noun, and verb.
Noun- Fellow Knards of the world.
Verb- Knard yourself.
Adjective- the Knard people are all the very coolest in the land
by qwertyman2010 August 07, 2007
Nuts, Testicles
Barney said "I'll kick you in the knards!"
by Addu January 26, 2012

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