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the coolest person you will ever meet in your entire life. often is very beautiful, but ditzy quite often. still is very funny and outgoing.
"man i met the most amazing, beautiful, funny, yet ditzy girl today!"
"oh who?!"
#synonyms: cool #funny #beautiful antonyms: asshole #jerk #cunt
by brad jakely October 15, 2008
The act of having your testicles slammed by your partners thighs while he is violently climaxing behind you.
I'm still swollen from being kmac-ed the other night.
#homo #gay #fikays #flaming #butt
by Jeff3 August 10, 2012
1. Someone who is a complete dick just to be a dick.

2. Better than you!
3. Wait Wait, I know.
1 k-mac . One who thinks they are better then everyone else.

2. Someone who thinks they can get any girl on a dating website.
3. one who thinks they are faster than anyone else on a ski slope
4. Too proud that he makes more money than both of his friends
5. Condescending
6. Claims he can build a fire but never does
#kmac #k-bag #kbag #the kmac #okmackdaddy
by Ef Off Kmac December 14, 2013
A nigga wit a fat ghat who is the funniest nigga you'll ever meet , he might fuck your mom so you better watch out . He is also Keions father
Greg hide your mom Kmacs coming over
#dad #father #kmac #fatcock #mom
by Jetsetter January 29, 2015
La smooth Mac daddy.
Damn he was pimpin like Kmac
by kmac June 13, 2003
1 = a reasonably good rapper who used to be an la blood
2 = the complete twat who posted the above definition.
2 = probably reminiscant of the comic book guy out of the simpsons who creates fantasies in hiss head where he's john holmes.
by Snowy (formally kilo lobo) August 27, 2003
a kids big mac at mcdonalds
kids mac happy meal
by k-dawg November 13, 2003
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