An alternate when you can't say fuck or hell because there are children or Christians nearby.
"What the klunge was that?!"
by Toadface August 08, 2003
Top Definition
vagina (usually derogotary)
Up yer klunge !
by Giles September 23, 2003
woman parts
woman with large breasts walks past two guys

guy 1;wow, she had big boobs,

guy2;she had well good klunge!
by JFwolves May 29, 2012
Klunge is a local slang word in Washington DC, used to describe those who are temporarily resident in the city, but are not on an internship etc., usually international academic researchers.
The groundbreaking research was produced by a Klunge scholar.
by klungicle July 24, 2012
klunge: is used to descibe something good, enjoyable, or positive.

the term klunge was birthed in harlem, ny usa and is slowly trickling into the vocabulary of hip hop "hedz" worldwide.

it was first recognized and made street worthy by an emcee in a battle in front of shomburg (sp) projects at 5th ave & 110th st.
such as "yo son, if i hit the lottery for 334 million that would be klunge!" or "her ass is klunge" or "yo cat, that new black star album is hella klunge, fo real"
by klunge kreator June 20, 2004
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