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1. An act or way of being that is completely and utterly ridiculous in all aspects. Something that a person does to attract attention to themselves, generally embarrasing themselves and those around them.

2. A royal fuck up.

3. A fabricated story or "tall tale" that is used to render the attention of an audience, usually in a humorous way.
1. "I just shit on your porch." "Dude, you pulled a kloek."

2. "I had a fuck up, I was so drunk last night that I ridiculed my friends and punched a wall, it was a total kloekism."

3. " One time, I had sex with three bitches at the same time, I shit on one, cummed on the other's forehead, and then made the last one clean up the mess." "Really?" "Nah, I'm just kloeking around."
by daniskins November 17, 2010