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A person with a compulsive desire to steal things.

Many Kleptos steal things from work.
Not many people knew it, but Adam was a Klepto. He bragged about stealing laptops, hard drives, memory, tape drives, blank CDs, tapes, keyboards, mice, you name it.

– Anything he could fit into his oversized Microsoft bag would end up in his basement…

See also: PTOboy tourettes
by Fred March 30, 2004
short form of kleptomaniac. Someone who obsessively steals small objects for the heck of it.
You fucking klepto give back my stapler.
by Gunkglumb June 02, 2005
short for Kleptomaniac, someone who pathologically steals things.
That klepto just took my phone!
by Celebgil Silverstar July 31, 2004
someone who is addicted to stealing. Short for kleptomaniac
"liz is such a klepto!"
by rach January 29, 2005
Someone who steals a lot.
Wynona Rider is the biggest klepto.
by Agent Thrill July 31, 2004
a person who is prone to steal things...
Warren being a klepto stole rap, metal, rap, metal, and Whitney Houston.
by CustomMadeLT July 30, 2004
Short for 'kleptomaniac', 'klepto' is a person obsessed with stealing.
"You don't wanna trust Rob with your keys, man, he's a klepto!"

"She's completely klepto."
by Raventooth July 31, 2004