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Utter chaos, thrown together, unorgainzed in any sense.
The blankets on the bed became kittywampus after the long night with him.
by Harley Duncan January 26, 2005
crazy word from south-western wisconsin meaning-off-balenced, uncentered, or a general state of confusion.
(south western wisconsinite)o man that picture is all kittywampus
(normal person)wtf?
by rainbow_colored_bangles March 24, 2005
Knocked askew. Alternate form of Kattywampus
"Slamming the door knocks the pictures on my wall all kittywampus."
by Char H January 08, 2006
The state of an object being physically different or normal then expected, especially related to geometric alignment.
(1) Whoa dude, that truck ahead of us is going down the road like a crab. The rear axel is totally kitty wampus.

(2) The new door we hung is kitty wampus. The top corner isn't flush with the door jamb, and the door won't even close.
by The old kodger March 26, 2009
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