the wrong phonetic spelling of what should be kitteh or even kittay. unless you meant to pronounce it wrong, you're an idiot if you spell it this way.
kittah: kit - tah (kit-ah)
la or hah share the same pronuciation as ah

kitteh: kit - teh (kit-â)
lay or hey share the same pronuciation as eh
by J. McLain August 08, 2007
The new way to say cat
kittah > doggah
by Village_Idiot May 06, 2003
A funny way to pronounce "kitty" -
as in Eric Cartman's exclamation, "No, kittah - that's my chocolate chicken pot pie!"

see also: "Kittah Fridays" on Craigslist
by kathvdw August 16, 2006

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