Normally a place where all women belong.
Kitchen alternatives? TRY SEWING CLASSES!
Why aren't you in the Kitchen!?
I thought I told you to stay in the Kitchen!
If the Kitchen is upstairs then it is the only time when a woman is on top.
Looking out the window (In the Kitchen) is normally when your seeing things through your (Girlfriend, Wife, etc.) point of view.
by DigitalDomain123 March 05, 2013
Place where food is made or magically created by a woman (any type of woman, Merwoman, witch, wench, etc.)
Frank:"Man I'm hungry"
John:"Don't worry my wench will create you something in the kitchen."
by Fjohan June 28, 2010
(n.) Confusingly can refer to either
(i) a room in which food is prepared, or
(ii) various household items found in a kitchen, such as kitchen roll or kitchen surface cleaner.
"Dude, pass the kitchen, I've spilled my beer"
by Kevchenko March 30, 2005
A book by a banana, because naturally, as food, the kitchen is all bananas ever see.
Kitchen was written by Banana Yoshimoto.
by Alien Blender May 20, 2008
the nape of your neck where hair grows and where curly and slightly dirty people sometimes get dreadlocks
hey man yo kitchen's lookin nasty-- take a shower
by lexisetfeghanessou November 11, 2006
The ass or general crotch/rear area, generally well-formed and at least partially concealed by clothing.
Jane: Nice kitchen.

Lucy: You too -- let's go back to my place, put on some Melissa Ethridge and get Sappho!
by JohnnyAZ May 09, 2006
The ghetto or some place where there is a lot of "heat" if you know what i mean.
If you can't handle the heat, stay outta the kitchen! - NBA Street Volume 2
by da_kool_sucker April 26, 2004
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