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a girl who looks like bread and is constantly bored. She does not find it fun when boys hit on her. She prefers to stay single, not only because she is ugly, but because she is afraid of dick. Nevertheless, she is quite talkative and never stops bugging people over candy. She protects candy like they are her ovaries. She is inseparable from them and has killed her parents because they ate some of it. She also hates it when old men walk into her room, not because she is afraid of PEDOPHILES, but because they sleep with her dogs.
A: Oh! I want raisin bread!
B: Let's eat Kisang!
A: Hehe.

A: Let's find a girl so this is not a sausage fest.
B: Let's get Kisang.
A: Ew.
by koreanlover :) March 08, 2010
A term coined in the early 21st century in The Annex, Canada. Used loosely in reference to bread or bread-like objects and/or materials.
Its got a tough outer shell, yet a very soft and squishy interior - it is very much like kisang.
by jekylnhyde April 19, 2011