A shy, sweet girl who wants everyone to love her. Seems outgoing but is really insecure. Extremely talented but modest. Naive yet worldly.
You would be lucky to have a friend named Kinzie.
by NTSD March 26, 2010
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The most amazing thing in the world who is adorable.
Everyguy wants that girl kinzie
by connorrrr November 25, 2006
Kinzie is a word used to describe a pregnant whale that flys on rainbows and eats little children. The little children's blood turns it into a narhwhal and it stabs everyone and everything near it and when it calms back down its rainbow has one more color added.
Stay away from Kinzies; they're dangerous
by Nonononottoday November 11, 2013
Also spelled Kinzi. A backstabbing, two-faced bitch who doesn't deserve to be told how shitty of a person they are. They don't deserve any decent friends.
Person 1: Yesterday she was fine but today she's being a complete bitch.
Person 2: Damn, what a Kinzie.
by Honest Me January 12, 2009

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