The Gaelic (Irsish word) for Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.
Kinsella (Kinsale) is the best place in the world
by 'TAVI December 13, 2003
Top Definition
A Mick, Irishman, drunkard, who exemplifies all the stereotypical traits of being Irish
Check out that Kinsella, yo, he just pounded that lil' biatch that wrote the other defination for Kinsella!
by not a blond bitch September 02, 2003
Name deriving from Ireland.
1) Badassery
2) Bar Brawlers, Heavy Drinkers
3) Something that is too awesome.
Phillip: "Whats your last name?"
Patrick: "Kinsella."
Phillip: "Fuck yeah."
#kinsella #badass #irish #awesome #beer
by Ktk1234 April 05, 2009
A person who makes very corny, unfunny, yet surprisingly clever jokes that absolutely no one ever laughs at, however this person is persistent and continues to make these jokes for some unknown reason

Commonly known as Kinfaggot and Kinfuckwit
bob:Hey look at that Kinsella kid

Jeff:Yeh wat a Dogface

Allana: look at him walk

Boardy: Hey Allana hows it going?
#kinfaggot #manbearpig #dennis ferguson #fella #guy
by Be Donga March 28, 2009
a blond bitch that does not wat she is talking about and messes into everybody'z biz and whiines like a dog all the the time like her dog
look at that kinsella she is so talkitive like a chatterbox
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