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Kink me out" is a phrase used between a group of close knit friends. "Kink me out" is a another way of saying "punk me out" of "lay me to the ground" which mean when a friend it "mad at you or is getting aggravated with you, you can tell him/her to "kink me out." Its just a funny way of saying to your friends "just slap me if I get on your nerves.
Casey: "omg!!! I can't believe you are still mad about that!"
Megan: "you called me fat, of course I'm still mad"
Casey: "I know you wanna hit me"
Megan: "no I don't"
Casey: "just kink me out" "lay me to the ground, punk me out."

Megan: *slaps Casey*
by Kandi_marie August 01, 2011
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