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A group of Kingston (ON) residents that enjoy sessions..large or small.. and tend to overuse the N-bomb and other vulgarities (such as cunt, dumbass or cocksucker). During these sessions, Kingstoners tend to start rando 'play' fights amongst one another until either one is punched in the face too hard or one needs to rip anoher bowl. Kingstoners are also known for their surplus of bongs at sessions....and their abilities to rip such bongs.
King-Stoner...not Kingstonians
"Look at that sesh full of Kingstoners...theyre just so good with their bongs....and thier N-word related slang words."
"hey you Toronto N*ggerf*ggot...learn how to smoke a proper bong....cuntbag" (punch to neighbours arm/leg)
by Sofa King Kouch September 02, 2007
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