1.) Picturesque, historically significant small city (technically a town) on the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

2.) Soul-destroyingly boring place to live.

3.) A great place to take a shit.
Lucky for us, Kingston was halfway between Toronto and Montreal (or Ottawa and Toronto, for that matter). Sure beats taking a crap in Napanee.
by PDAC February 20, 2007
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Kingston Upon Thames

A small town in surrey, england, which is known for its many shops. Named, because many british kings and queens were coronated there, its name has been stolen, and used in various other countries, such as the USA and Jamaica. Many chavs have attempted to find ways to apprieviate the name, such as ktown, kingstun etc...

It is popular with locals, and the local youths do seem to be everywhere, but many people travel from all over the country to come to kingston.
Kington is a place so therefore does not require and example, kingston is also the capital city of jamaica
by *michael* *smith* June 16, 2007
A city in southern eastern Ontario, half way between Toronto and Montreal. Home of Queen's University.
Toronto sucks, let's head to Montreal and have a quick stop in Kingston.
by xzil3d September 18, 2005
He is one of the greatest guys anyone could ever meet :D he is super sweet, really athletic, thoughtful, and cute. He is really sincere and can make anyone feel better whenever they're they're sad. In one word, he can be described as awesome.. but that still doesn't cover it.. he's more than that.. but thats for you people to figure out =D
whoa.. is that a kingston?
i think it is... because he sure is one of the best!!
by tweety_08 July 03, 2010
A small city in eastern Ontario half-way between Toronto and Montreal.

It was Canada's first national capital and is sometimes referred to as the Limestone City because of its beautiful old limestone architecture.

It is also known for its universities, sailing, and prisons.
1: "Hey, let's head down to Kingston this weekend for Queen's Homecoming and party on aberdeen"
2:"Cool. Let's not get too crazy though, I don't want to wind up in Kingston Pen"
by n.totes April 08, 2011
The last name to an Irish bloodline known for their mischief, alcohol consumption (both underage and of age), and smoking vast amounts of weed. Easily to exceed their own body weight by the end of their lifetime.
"Dude, he's a party animal."
"He's definitely a Kingston."
by Bostoner June 10, 2008
An ass of boyfriend, if you ever date him. But a cute sensitive person who cares. He's a good friend, but becoming friends with him could be quiet a challenge. Although he has plenty of friends he's super quiet about his inner thoughts and only trust very few. Overall, an amazing person who obviously makes mistakes like any other human. You'll still love him no matter what he does, whether right or wrong. (:
Kingston is a poop
by C.O~love May 03, 2013

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