kingomhearts is a gameboy advance and PS2 video game.It is sometimes known as a disney game and is about a boy named Sora and is teamed up with Donald Duck and Goofy the dog.
kingdomhearts a disney video game.
by Isaac York June 05, 2006
An awesome game that proves to people that weird (and most likely queer) disney characters like Donald and Goofy can kick ass!!
Kingdom Hearts rocks but riku is a show offy weirdo.
by Jacob Esnard October 20, 2006
Awesome video game about Sora, a messy ass teenager who starts shit with about every villian on the game when all that shit ain't called for.
Quote from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - "You gotta get through me to get to Hercules!" Trust me boy, Hercules can take care of his damn self! Don't push it!
by Fire Tears February 09, 2005
An extremely fun, but extremely gay videogame.
The gameplay is amazing, but the whole disney thing totally kills it.

Also it uses the typical annoying square character layouts which they beat to death in every fucking game they make. just about every character has spikey hair...oversized bright eyes...ridiculous clothes that have zippers in totally pointless places...and so on.

Yea I know this word will get tons more thumb downs then thumb ups, Fuck you.
Kingdom Hearts 3 plotline: Sora and the warriors of light battle the dark forces of footlocker, Old Navy and the barber shop. Will and save the World(s) ?!?!?! 0_0
....I really hope not.
by Morovzny December 28, 2007
If you can black out the disney characters you're in for one of the best games you'll ever play.
That kingdom hearts game kicks arse.
by Jamie H October 28, 2004
FUCK this game in the ass sideways with a spikey dildo
this game is so badly made square enix Is so fuckin gay they can suck matt damons dick.
reasons why this is the worst game made in existence.
1.Sora's feet are SO big his mom either had to be c sectioned or shes a fucking god.
2.key blade HOW THE HELL do you even HURT someone with that shit i mean its a god damn key, whats the damn key even TOO?!?!
it probably unlocks they key to his special treasure chest full of gay porno magazines.
I don't think in the middle ages you seen a guy with a giant sized key running around. NO! because he would have looked like a fagot.
3.The graphics are so bad. the most poorly animated character designs that make this game that much more worse i mean seriously THEY'RE FUCKING MOUTHS DON'T EVEN MOVE FOR GOD SAKES.
4.what the hell is up with the belts and zippers i mean they try to put some man-ly-ness with the characters. winni the pooh DOES NOT NEED TO BE GOTHED OUT.
5.At least if your gonna make a game about made up characters put Ronald McDonald in a fuckin game At least that will make it SOMEWHAT entertaining.

If you like the idea of Big footed brown spikey haired Rip off of Brad pit and think for one second that you can carry a 200 pound giant sized key around talking to stoner Disney characters looking for damn door that leads absolutely no where. then get this homosexual game.
But if you have some sort of intelligence then you won't waste your time on this fucking game and actually have a life and play a DECENT game play like assassins creed.
Sora: I'm going to SAVE THE WORLD!!! *Gay Piano Music...*

Donald: How?

Sora: I'm gonna open a FUCKIN DOOR!


Loser fag who collects trading cards: KINGDOM HEARTS SORA IS SEXY!

Guy: D00d Shut the fuck up *evil star*
by Jake is awesome December 01, 2007
Another monsterious series that was crapped out from the asses of Sqaure-enix (and SqaureSoft for the earlier FF games). Possibly WORSE than Final Fantasy, the reason why: ITS FINAL FANTASY...WITH DISNEY CHARACTERS! Whats next "Kingdom Spades": Final Fantasy meets Cartoon Network, "Kingdom Clovers": Final Fantasy meets Nickelodeon, or "Kingdom Diamonds": Final Fantasy meets Warner Bros. I sure don't want those things to be crapped out the asses of Sqaure.
If Kingdom Hearts and evil Square have thier way and if Kingdom Spades, Kingdom Clovers, and Kingdom Diamond are made, then we are probably going to have to kiss good, wholesome, tasteful, quality gaming goodbye.
by The Harmeister April 01, 2005
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