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A girl with a very hairy fanny.
Lad Alice King has a king kong!
by Eddie temosa April 24, 2011
0 3
The street name for the over the counter supplement (OTC) Kava Kava. Kava Kava is a plant from the Southern Pacific. When ingested in low doses Kava may cause relaxation or a loss of social inhibitions. Although in high doses Kava may cause a person to hallucinate. It comes in a liquid, a capsule and a dried root form. It is believed that Kava effects the same receptors in the brain as Alcohol. There are some reported cases of severe liver problems associated with Kava.
(At a party or gathering of friends)

Person 1: Hey do you want some King Kong, I just picked it up.
Person 2: What kind? Extract, Root or Capsule
Person 1: Root and its fresh!
Person 2: Count me in...
by Ringo & Grand Master Kong February 24, 2007
2 10
v. (to "king kong") to hold marijuana smoke in the lungs until the device used to smoke the marijuana has made one full rotation. While blowing out the smoke, one must bang on their chest in a king kong like fashion.
He just king konged!
by E peezy November 15, 2008
2 11
sex move in which First watch King Kong and then you gotta toss that bitch on the bed a little violently, tear her clothes off and mount her with arms out straight and your fists supporting your upper body and your knees your lower body
I gave that bitch the King Kong!
by JBut November 24, 2007
14 25
A big-ass nigger, like some sort of boss nigger.
WOW! Michael Jordan!
That king kong is the biggest fucker in town!
by erectism December 29, 2007
27 40
Hairy or crusty chick, possibly both. When she walks down the hall, you yell, "KING KONG!!!" or sing the song.
Da'Nae "Crusty" Wilson and Morgan Burnham classify for King Kongs.
by trojanhomie06 February 27, 2007
1 15
When your fucking a girl from behind and you cum on he rback then shave your head on it.
Bob was fucking betty in the ass and then he King kong her.
by Murrden peeps October 10, 2007
13 28