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To King Kong is when someone beats on or pounds his chest at someone else to start a fight or frighten someone, usually this move is performed by a muscle bound man or boy who spends a lot of time in a gym who wants to threaten his foe by drawing attention to his ample chest muscles.
This meat head starts to King Kong me, but I was out cuz I knew he really wanted to grudge fuck my clacker.
by PissDragon March 02, 2009
A BIG hairy horny Danish beast who likes unpeeling his banana.
I've never seen someone as horny as this King Kong
by EmpireStateLover69 October 29, 2010
When a bird is so smoldering hot that you would carry her ass to the top of the Empire State Building (stairs, not elevator) and fight 30s style airplanes in order to ravage (f*ck) her.
Ted: You know Kimber, right?

Ricky: Of course. She is hot.

Ted: Damn right she's hot. I'd King Kong her.

Ricky: I doubt it'd take that kind of an effort.
by Wally Hot Hands February 17, 2010
A shot to get you drunk fast! Crown Royal and banana liqueur.
Club Go'er: "Two shots of something strong but tastes good."

Bartender: "How about King Kongs?"

Club Go'er: "Yah! Perfect!"
by WhatWillItBe June 09, 2013
Giant, very loud speakers that will blow off your fudgin doors on full blast. These speakers are also mentioned in rap star Jibbs's song, King Kong.
Dude, this kid bought some King Kongs and put 'em in his trunk. He played his music, and the back of his car got blasted off!
by Liraz Konomichi April 19, 2008
The act of dressing up in a gorilla suit, kidnapping a woman, taking her to the top of the empire state building, and raping her.
In other news, a local man was charged with raping a Manhattan woman. He performed a King Kong in front of horrified onlookers and faces fifteen to twenty-five years in prison.
by MinnVik September 10, 2011
To "King Kong" is when a man stands, feet planted, and slaps his thighs from side to side with his penis by shifting his weight from hip to hip.
I dropped my pants, lifted my shirt, and pulled a King Kong.
by N.G.R.B. May 28, 2011