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King's X is a heavy-metal trio from Katy, Texas consisiting of singer/bassist Doug Pinnick, guitarist Ty Tabor, and drummer Jerry Gaskill. This band put out some excellent kick-ass albums such as "Gretchen Goes To Nebrask", "King's X (Their self-titled 4th LP)", and "Dogman". What makes them spectacular is the muscular, soulful, voice of Doug Pinnick (who sounds like a cross between Bobby Womack and Sly Stone), the chunky guitar lines of Ty Tabor (who's like Steve Lukather, Ernie Isley, and David Gilmour rolled into one), and the John Bonham-style drumming of Jerry Gaskill.

Because some of the songs of their earlier albums reflected spirituality, they were oftern mistaken for being a Christian band (which they were not). However as time went on, the religious tag wore off and they are now seen as a creative progressive hard-rock act now.
Wendy:Hey, what's that great song your playing on the jukebox, man??

Sam: It's King's X. One of the best bands I've heard in a long time!
by Jack Bond August 06, 2006

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