He pulled out a sword from a sword that nobody could pull out. He soon was made king.
One time he was battling agains a knight he broke his sword and he was nearly killed. Soon enough Merlin came and rescued him.merlin took him to the lady of the lake and she gave him a sword named Excalibur.
he really isn't that special.
by you don't need to know March 16, 2005
King Arthuring someone is to stab someone in the face with a penis useing the penis as excalaber.Usally a prank or insult
Timmy: Alex is a HO-MO Alex:Hey Timmy I wouldnt go to sleep tonight because im gunna KING ARTHUR you so good!Timmy:Dude not cool!
by Jlynnb*tch July 24, 2009
n. or v.

The male act of ejaculating in large volumes. (Camelot - Came a lot).
Lancelot had a King Arthur all over Guenevere's dress.


Lancelot King Arthured all over Guenevere's dress.
by D.Law October 25, 2006
When a guy lays his cock and balls out on someone's face.
The balls need to be over the victim's eyes, and the dick needs to be laying over the nose and the mouth (if you can reach that far.)

The name comes from the fact that this will look like the victim is wearing a medieval mask/helmet, like King Arthur wore.
Oh man, when Daylon was passed out drunk, I gave him a King Arthur and took pictures. I left one in his pocket for him to find when he woke up.
by AGreen BHM January 15, 2006
A fictional character that some very confused people like to believe is real and get all upset about.
The story of king arthur was invented by the english while they were busy kicking the crap out of the cultureless welsh.
for an example of how this effects people see the other definition
by dedlymonkey July 08, 2004
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