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you people need some serious help. a Kinder Surprise is a German candy bar shaped like an egg and with a toy inside. yummy chocolate but the toy is tiny as hell and gets lost easy
Oh shit i lost my kinder surprise toy
by SexyLexie June 11, 2008
56 44
The action whereby a boy will prematurely jizz into a girl's face, in preparation for oral sex, immediately after removing his boxers.
I took a guy home the other night and he kinder surprised me!
by Sicilian Lunchbox April 15, 2010
66 17
An unexpected pregnancy. Derived from the German toy "Kinder Surprise", which literally translates to "Surprise Children".
"I'm pregnant again!", said the girl

"OMFG, another Kinder Surprise", said the boy.
by bettyfordclinic March 01, 2010
14 20
A type of chocolate, where there is chocolate on the outside, and white chocolate on the inside. Commonly reffered to a black guy, who totally acts like a white dude
haha, that black guy is such a kinder surprise!
by Roflcopter filipino October 18, 2008
8 20
When you lift the cover of a toilet and it's full of shit.
Cubicle 7 was empty, but there was a queue anyway. Sally wanted to investigate, although Mary told her not to. When she lifted the seat, the toilet was full of shit and she shouted in disgust. Mary laughed and yelled "Kinder surprise!"
by Sandra Mae-Darcy March 30, 2009
7 20
The act of dropping a deuce and overtly closing the lid without flushing. This then leaves a "kinder surprise" for the next person in the washroom.
Ew brofski, that is one rare kinder surprise!!
by addigator February 07, 2008
3 25
having a girl stick a foreign object into her anus. another person must reach into her anus and pull the object out. once the object is out it is to be put into their mouth.
lets go back and ill show you a kinder surprise
by ekmo fatu November 26, 2003
3 44