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1. a Japanese word that means feelings. 2. a Japanese sentiment to conveying the sense that presentations are ‘gratuitous’ gifts from the heart (i.e. a gifts without any obligation).
The grandaughter left a present on the porch of her grandmother's for going to school. When asked by her friend, she said it was "kimochi" from my granddaughter.
by Ixy July 29, 2003
a word that is often said by females in hentai and ero films. It is customary for Japanese females to repetively say "Kimochi!" after repetitively screaming "IIE" (no)
Middle aged man: ", Kono ama, Shakuhachi shite!"
School girl: "Onegai iie! iie!"
Middle aged man: "Hayakusiro!"
School girl: "Honto oishii soshite kimochi!"

Middle aged man: "Suck my dick you bitch!"
School girl: "Please no! No!"
Middle aged man: "Hurry the fuck up"
School girl: "It tastes and feels really good!"
by syphillis June 12, 2007
'kimochi' (気持ち) is a Japanese word meaning 'feeling', 'mood' or 'sensation'.
A good feeling could be 'kimochi ii' (気持ちいい) and a bad feeling 'kimochi warui' (気持ち悪い).

1) This word has been widely disseminated among American otaku due to its prolific use in hentai anime/games, where it is usually translated as 'It feels good' or 'It's good'.

Some romanizations spell it 'kimouchi'.

Antonym: Itai (painful)

2) Used to express the sentiment that an unexpected gift was thoughtful, kind, and given without obligation.
1) While being sexually stimulated: "Kimochi ii!"

2) A child leaves a basket of cookies on her grandomother's porch; the grandmother might comment to her friend later that it was 'kimochi'.
by Yensil November 09, 2009