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a beautiful Persian girl, with pretty eyes. always tells it like it is. is unique, and hard to find. if you have a kimia in your life, consider yourself lucky.
wow man, you found a kimia? lucky bastard
by ohyoufanChuh;) December 12, 2010
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1. Persian word that means alchemy, the mythical science of turning any metal to gold and any liquid into the elixir of life. Latin words for Chemistry are derived from kimia.

2. In ancient Persian poetry, kimia means "rare" or "unique".

3. Girl's name, usually Iranian / Persian origin. Connotations: a rare gem of intelligence
What's your name?
Kimia. What about you?
I can't tell you now, it'll be shit in comparison.
by crystalchampagne November 10, 2010
hidden gold or silver.
I discovered some Kimia in the desert today.
by fresh, son(: June 19, 2008
A beautiful (persian) girl with gorgeous eyes. Shes a loud, crazy girl, but knows when to keep calm and observe. She is kind at heart, but is usually misunderstood. She always wants to help others. She gets annoyed by stupidity, and has no problem speaking her mind. She is very loyal but can easily cut people off if she finds the need to. She has deep thoughts but doesnt always say them at loud.
Kimia is a best friend kinda girl
by the real slim shadyy January 30, 2014
Wild and spontaneous yet very intelligent. Seduces you with her eyes and seems to put you under a spell while naturally beautiful in every way. Addictive and once she's in your mind, it's hard to get her out. Keeps secrets well and is loyal. VERY independent. Effortless and carefree yet clever with a great sense of humor and charm. Extreme self respect yet very sexualized, touchy, flirtatious, and plays hard to get. Amazing kisser and even better in bed. Very understanding and wise while excelling in managing under stress. Glows with positivity and energy. Rare and unique like a gem. Definition of perfect girlfriend.
by saan919;) February 05, 2014

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