An amazing person. Is really smart and gorgeous. She has a great disposition and personality. Anybody who meets her is automatically lucky in my opinion. It's not everyday you see somebody as special as Kimberly. She sends these awesome texts and uses this face:^.^ a lot to express her feels. She is really beautiful and an awesome person to hang out with and to hug. I am super lucky to be her's.<3
Jen: Is that Kimberly.
Jen: Hey where'd Payta go?
Payta:*fell in love instantly with her*
by Payta June 15, 2013
a total vampire book-obsessed girl. loves her striaght, black hair. is one of the most creative, determined, and smart people in the world. she IS the go-to girl when you need to vent and get advice. usually the first person in her group of friends that will suggest a party of a hang-out. can get pretty crazy when too hyped up.
"Hey, are you going to that girl's party?"
"The one with the straight black hair?"
"Yeah, her."
"Oh, yeah. That Kimberly always throws the best parties!"
by confused with the world April 26, 2013
Beautfuil,sexy,cute,charming,nice,sweet, intelligent ! She can light up your world all over, just the way she gives you that smile. That laugh she makes every time you'd tell her a joke just to make her laugh, laughter of an angel. Her skin is so soomth, you'd wanna hug her and touch her EVERY day. Her hair is soomth and beautiful.You can easily fall in love with her. She's a good listener and dates one man at a time , someone you can trust.
I wish my girl was a kimberly
by Abby Gonzales March 27, 2015
Small "village" on the outskirts of Appleton, WI. Don't confuse this place with Kaukana, Little Chute, or Combined Locks...someone from Kimberly will not take too kindly to it. The village is about the size of a shoe box..blink and you might miss it. The village contains about three stop lights and be prepared to stop if one of the lights is yellow. Yellow doesn't mean caution it means stop..keep this in mind if you are driving through the town so you don't plow into the back of an old person's car. Kimberly is also home to "Hitters Bar". This is a townie bar where you will be able to find some of Kimberly's finest locals. You won't find the rich kids going to HS in Kimberly as they are farmed off to Xavier in Appleton so they can learn how to be rich and get the heck out of Kimberly. Overall a great place to live but be ready for liver disease as there is not much to do but drink beer.
Friend 1: let's go out in Appleton and find some chicks on the ave.

Friend 2: heck no, Kimberly is where it's at. They got some hot local girls with packer tramp stamps over at Hitters.

Friend 1: Awesome. I'm in.
by Kvil local January 06, 2013
Kimberly is the name of a girl who is emotionally unstable and who will claim to not be very smart (and that part is probably true). She is the type of person who will cause you to fall in love with you and then constantly act like she deserves everything, non-stop phone calls and texts and on top of that, if you are dating her, she will more than likely at some point in the relationship ask for your facebook account information and if you do not give it to her she will go nuts until you give it up. You need to try and avoid dating kimberly by all means.
My friend is in love with someone who acts like the biggest kimberly in the world
by The Thrash Metal Master February 09, 2015
a girl who likes to copy everything another girl does just to act cool. A girl who dates different guys every 2 days and thinks that every guy likes her even if they dont. she also thinks that she is smarter than everybody else. she listens to bands just to fit in with others. a kimberly watches show series 5 years after it has ended.
omg is that kimberly? she is such a slut
by ilikepigs775 April 04, 2015
A Kimberly is when a girl breaks her hymen while being fingered and bleeds on her boyfriend's hands leaving him traumatized.

The blood that gets on your boyfriend's hands when he breaks your hymen while fingering you.
1. "Man when I fingered that pussy she pulled a kimberly. I had to wash my hands immediately."
2. "I think she was enjoying that second base until she moaned loudly and kimberly-ed all over my hands."
by youwillneverfindoutwhoiamhaha November 15, 2013

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