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Kimberly, amazing, sweet, perfect, cute, beautiful, funny, ravishing, stunning just to name a few, she will make you fall and hard, but she will be worth any time you get to spend with her, even if you lose her because you will never feel the same amount of love she will give you from anybody else.

I have one and she is my only Nomnom <3
by Conrad Sharman November 14, 2010
169 59
A Kimberly is girl whose beauty, lovability, sweetness, humor, kindnes, honesty, etc. is unmatchable. When an Aaron gets to know her. He would die to taste her kiss. She can light any mans heart on fire. It's hard to exactly define a Kimberly, because you have to get very detailed. But this will suffice.
P1: " God damn. Look at that Kimberly!"

P2: " That Aaron's pretty lucky."
by AnAaron997 February 01, 2011
108 24
kimberly is a beautiful confident girl who doesn't care what people think of her she lives tommorow and learns from yesterday. She's also inspiring and love to wear hats
by msap January 27, 2011
103 24
the most amazing woman you will ever meet. She is strong and soft all at the same time. A great mother. Never fails to be the best in bed that i have ever been with. Cant make up her mind half the time about what she wants. loves having her cake and eating it to. she is always there for her friends and will go out of her way no matter what it takes to be a friend to them even when they don't deserve it. will make you fall in love in a blink of an eye and you wont be able to walk away. you will want to put a ring on her finger and be with her the rest of your life
got to love kimberly
by allenminton September 06, 2011
88 23
small cute shy unique beautiful girl is very sweet and sexy and loves to have a good time loves sex and boys and is always the one to have a good laugh with
i want some of that kimberly

you be watchin that kimberly?
by LAPALORIA009 March 23, 2011
79 22
Kimberly is an amazing girl. The moment you lay eyes on her you will fall in

love. Shes like no other girl you have ever met. Shes the type of girl who you

want to be with for the rest of your life and grow up or older with. If your the

type of person who can talk up any girl, you ll have trouble with Kimberly. She

makes you nervous and makes your heart pump faster than it ever has. If your

honest with her then you'll get close to her and shell become your best friend,

you'll realize shes more than just beautiful but someone who you cant be mad at

and someone who you can never have too much of. Kimberly will make you laugh

like no other. Shes the type of girl you can talk to for hours on end and never

get bored of. She always has something to say and her voice is sweet. Her lips

are the softest shade of pink and her button nose compliments her big brown

eyes. Shes the cutest girl ever and an amazing friend, shell always be by your

side and you'll always be by hers.
Kimberly is the best person there is!
by danydan October 20, 2013
28 4
An amazing person. Is really smart and gorgeous. She has a great disposition and personality. Anybody who meets her is automatically lucky in my opinion. It's not everyday you see somebody as special as Kimberly. She sends these awesome texts and uses this face:^.^ a lot to express her feels. She is really beautiful and an awesome person to hang out with and to hug. I am super lucky to be her's.<3
Jen: Is that Kimberly.
Jen: Hey where'd Payta go?
Payta:*fell in love instantly with her*
by Payta June 15, 2013
17 3