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a total vampire book-obsessed girl. loves her striaght, black hair. is one of the most creative, determined, and smart people in the world. she IS the go-to girl when you need to vent and get advice. usually the first person in her group of friends that will suggest a party of a hang-out. can get pretty crazy when too hyped up.
"Hey, are you going to that girl's party?"
"The one with the straight black hair?"
"Yeah, her."
"Oh, yeah. That Kimberly always throws the best parties!"
by confused with the world April 26, 2013
11 6
The greatest most amazing gorgeous person who is loved greatly and even more by Cody Brower
Kimberly or Kim is Perfect and amazing.
by Cody Brower May 04, 2008
1246 670
Girl who...
A. listens to you
B. has too much energy
C. might be a little annoying
D. is very talkative
E. is very smart (but sometimes does not show it)
F. is in love with some right now (but may not know it)
Boy1: DUDE! That Kimberly is sooo INSANE!
Boy2: DUDE! But look up! I think she loves you!
Boy1: OMG dude! ima ask her out!
Kimberly: WTF is happening over here?!
by WtfIsHappeningOverHere?! November 15, 2009
972 399
Talented to beyond comprehension.
I can't believe I missed that kimberly performance!
by Catie4013 October 28, 2009
668 291
Kimberly, in other words, she's HOT!!! Beautiful, charming, sexy, nice, sweet, cute, awesome, wonderful, out-of-this-world, fantastic, GORGEOUS! She can light up your world all over, just the way she gives you that smile. That laugh she makes every time you'd tell a retarded joke just to make her laugh, laughter of an angel, indeed. Her skin is so smooth, you'd wanna give her a hug EVERY day. Her favorite thing to do is to make everyone happy, and keep it that way, that's her specialty. She also loves music, and drawing, too. Her hair is also very smooth and nice, like a cute little Pomeranian dog. You can easily fall in love with her, in any way possible, she CAN make you fall in love with her. If you ever do get together, you will have eternal love for the rest of your life and afterlife. She is the definition of true love. <3
Kimberly, guess what, I Love You!
by AwshtehnLuvzTwinkiez December 18, 2010
355 88
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Though they might not be the smartest person in the world, they know how to make men fall to their feet. They have a special something that makes everyone love them.
Boy 1: Do you know Kimberly?
Boy 2: Yeah! I was just about to ask her out...
Boy 1: Oh no you won't! Not if I get to her first!
by pkrfce13 July 06, 2009
420 185
Kimberly is the best girl I've ever gone out with. She makes me smile and I don't think I could ever live without her. We have our ups and downs but in the end it's all worth it. She's the most beautiful girl i've ever layed eyes on. She is soo sexy ;) She's funny, smart, a lot of fun, and gorgeous. She makes my heart skip a beat. We have the most amazing late night talks. I could go on and on about her but I should keep this short. When you read this I hope you get the biggest smile on your face, just like I do every time I see you. Soo...i love you Kimberly <3 k&d forever
One day, i'm going to marry kimberly.
by xloverxboyxdeex April 28, 2011
324 97
Hmmm.... What to say about this girl... How about the fact she is always there at the right times to cheer me up no matter the problem. She is the type of girl you can only wish to be with or even talk to and anyone who gets to do so is very very VERY lucky. The type of girl that can have a mean side but yet you can't be mad at her for it. To be honest I'm not even scared of her mean side;P She is super cute and beautiful. I don't just say that I mean it even though those words are used so much these days. But I don't care cause I wouldn't describe her in any other way. The type of girl who sometimes doesn't realize how special she is even though everyone else can see it. Hard not to have your attention when she does something. She is amazingly fun to talk to. She always has a story for you. She makes you smile =) One of my favorite things about her. Yeah I am just blabbering on about this girl but hey, why not when she deserves it<3 Cutey
"Hey man did you see that Kimberly girl?"
"Yeah man she is spicey!!"

Haha hope you like it XD <3
by pimp daddy K to the max September 08, 2010
282 93