Crazy Asian midget who rules North Korea. He enjoys making nukes and starving his own people. He is also said to be a threat to President Bush.
Kim Jong-il wants North Korea to start a war with the USA.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
crazy dictator, just like george w. bush.
Kim Jong Il secretly likes George W Bush. Sexually.
by James February 24, 2005
Current dictator of North Korea. Many evidences show that he is not very popular in N. Korea, whereas his father, Kim Il-Sung was more popular and was pretty much "worshipped" by some Koreans in the past.
I think he's gay. why must he live like that?
a crazy mother fucker who happens to be the dictator of North Korea
Kim Jong IL enjoys gay buttsecks
by Goman123 May 05, 2010
The most fashionable and possibly most popularized dictator of all time.
Bob: Kim Jong-il is going to nuke us!

Bill: He has cool sunglasses...
by Milonius (of the Evony Forums) March 05, 2010
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